Game Box And Android TV

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1.4Ghz Wireless Gamepads
Equipped with 2PCS 2.4Ghz wireless game controllers, the connection distance of the controller is 8-10 meters. You can enjoy multiplayer games with family or friends.
2.Support HD 4K Output Is More High Definition.
This video game console is suitable for 4K High Definition TV/monitors/projectors, support HD/AV connection.1080P HD picture quality, you can enjoy vivid and exciting video games in a big screen.
3.Support multi-language easy switching. Support 20+ languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish,
Korean, Russian, Portuguese, etc.
4. Android 9.1 model can support Ethernet, wifi

5.Dual System Game Console
The TV game console make the Game system & TV system perfect coexistence, using open source Linux system. You can download App, searching information by goolge and watching TV online. Perfectly meet your needs for picture quality and game fluency, must worth the price.
6.Wifi&LAN Jack Connection
This classic video game console supports connection to the network via LAN and Wifi. It’s very convenient to download games through network.Also you can add games by yourself.Equipped with 2PCS 2.4Ghz wireless game controllers.

Note: When connecting to wifi, it can be connected to the Internet only when it is a TV box

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