• 125.00 AED 150.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 120.00 AED 190.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 140.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • Styx: Shards of Darkness – Xbox One

    • Grapple, climb and zip-line – Diverse abilities and improved stealth mechanics open up new possibilities to reach unfamiliar ground
    • Skills that kill – Upgrade abilities and use lethal tactics to defeat enemies; even utilize a murderous clone
    • Drop-in/drop-out Co-op Mode – Sneak and stab your way through missions with a friend at any point within the game
    • Vicious rivals – New monsters to defeat in the cryptic city of Dark Elves
    • Impressive new environments – A brand new engine brings beautiful graphics created in Unreal Engine 4
    100.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • Technomancer – Xbox One

    • An adventure set on the sands and terraformed tropics of a post-apocalyptic Red Planet
    • In-depth crafting which changes the appearance of weapons and armor
    • Three combat styles and multiple character customizations
    • Unleash powerful Technomancy magic on your foes
    • A highly reactive world that changes according to the decisions you make
    89.25 AED VAT inclusive

    Technomancer – Xbox One

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  • 105.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • World of Magic Playstation 4

    50.00 AED VAT inclusive

    World of Magic Playstation 4

    50.00 AED VAT inclusive Add to cart
  • Dead Alliance: Day One Edition – Xbox One

    • Day One Edition includes Eagle Eyes, Veteran, and Demolition Man packs, each containing a high powered weapon, attachments, and perks that will give you the edge on dominating enemy troops
    • Frenzied Multiplayer Action – Play tight-knit 4v4, Capture and Hold, King of the Hill, Free for All, Team Deathmatch and more
    • Seize the Dead – Strategically use zombies to distract, disable and attack your opponents, Utilize a variety of zMods including lures, pheromone grenades, and traps to get the zombies working for you
    • Zombie-MOBA – Capture your opponent’s home base to win, maneuvering between lanes in a zombie jungle
    • Solo Survival Mode – Face off against endless hordes of ravenous zombies, unlocking new maps as you progress
    75.00 AED VAT inclusive

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