• 229.00 AED VAT inclusive Available on July 25, 2023.

    Hogwarts Legacy for Switch (PAL)

    229.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 185.00 AED 245.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe for Nintendo Switch

    185.00 AED 245.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 110.00 AED 135.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Saint Kotar for Nintendo Switch

    110.00 AED 135.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 185.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

    185.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 110.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 110.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 185.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch

    185.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 149.00 AED 169.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Cuphead for Nintendo Switch

    149.00 AED 169.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 169.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Pokemon Scarlet for Nintendo Switch

    169.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 169.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Pokemon Violet for Nintendo Switch

    169.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Cosmic Edition for Switch (PAL)

    The Cosmic Edition of the game includes:

    • The base game.
    • The Galactic Prestige Collection, with three exclusive and supremely stylish weapon skins for your team.
    189.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 229.01 AED VAT inclusive

    Octopath Traveler II for Nintendo Switch

    229.01 AED VAT inclusive
  • 149.00 AED 229.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Sonic Frontiers for Switch (PAL)

    149.00 AED 229.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • No Man’s Sky for Switch

    • Embark on an epic voyage, find your own destiny in this epic space adventure
    • Includes 6 years of updates*
    • An entire universe to explore on the go in the palm of your hands
    • For the first time ever, PlayStation 5 physical edition as well as Nintendo Switch (physical & digital)
    145.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive

    No Man’s Sky for Switch

    145.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 175.00 AED 229.00 AED VAT inclusive

    NBA 2K23 for Switch

    175.00 AED 229.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 140.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 125.00 AED 155.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 149.00 AED VAT inclusive

    PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC for Switch (PAL)

    149.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 115.00 AED 149.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Dragons Legends of the Nine Realms for Switch

    115.00 AED 149.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 169.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Bugsnax for Switch (PAL)

    169.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Cowabunga Collection for Switch

    • Added Online Play* for certain games and Local Couch Play
    • Save Anytime and Rewind
    • Button Mapping
    • Unique Development Art & Sketches
    • Historic TMNT Media Content
    • Eleven Japanese Regional Versions**
    130.00 AED 149.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 120.00 AED 149.00 AED VAT inclusive

    FIFA 23 for Switch (PAL)

    120.00 AED 149.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 129.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 169.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 100.00 AED 169.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Rabbids: Party of Legends for Nintendo Switch

    100.00 AED 169.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 289.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 129.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 179.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Temtem for Nintendo Switch

    179.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 169.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • Wreckfest for Nintendo Switch

    • Awesome Cars – Old, banged-up, patched-together cars that simply ooze style! From old American heavy-hitters to agile Europeans and fun Asians, you won’t find anything like this in other games
    • Meaningful Customization – Change not only the look of your cars but also upgrade their body armor
    • Multiplayer – Wreck your friends online and take racing to the limit while chasing demolition dominance!
    • Challenge modes – Have hilarious fun with crop harvesters, lawn mowers, school buses, three-wheelers, and more!
    125.00 AED 149.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Wreckfest for Nintendo Switch

    125.00 AED 149.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • 189.00 AED 229.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for Nintendo Switch

    189.00 AED 229.00 AED VAT inclusive
  • Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch

    • Foster friendship between your hand-picked Mii characters – Pair up your Mii characters at inns to build their relationships and see some personality-packed interactions. You may hear some hot gossip on grandma or find your best friend and mom doing pushups! Characters may also learn skills like “lend a hand” and help each other out during battle. Outings let you send character pairs on bonding experiences at the beach, a café, and more. Even your trusty horse can lend a hoof!
    • Bring your friends into battle – Engage in turn-based combat against outlandish baddies like the gyrating Twerkey to gain experience and level up characters. Tailor your strategy by assigning Mii characters jobs like mage, warrior, and pop star that will determine their approach to battle. Need a boost? Food is used to recover health and magic to keep your party in fighting shape
    • Ink it up with a new entry in the Splatoon series
    • Discover the Splatlands, a new sun-soaked region with trendsetting inhabitants
    • Experiment with new styles for Inklings and Octolings
    • 4v4 Turf Wars are back, with new stages, new maneuvers, and new weapons
    175.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive

    Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch

    175.00 AED 249.00 AED VAT inclusive
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