Ghostwire Tokyo Playstation 5

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You are Akito: a young man who finds himself among the last surviving human beings left in the city. Just then, the city is invaded by a cadre of paranormal creatures, ghostly apparitions, living urban legends and more – all seemingly the work of a mysterious masked man simply known as Hannya.
To stay alive, you must team up with a spectral ally of your own – the lost spirit of a rugged detective that goes by KK. Akito and KK share the same goal in their pursuit of Hannya, though it may seem as though your ghostly cohort is following an agenda of his own.
Not every otherwordly being wandering Tokyo’s alleys is evil, but most should still be considered dangerous. Using Ethereal Weaving, a powerful elemental technique granted by bonding with KK, you can wield raw ether charged with the power of fire, water and wind to combat hostile Visitors. Deal enough damage and you can expose an enemy Visitor’s Core, opening them up for a devastating Core Grab that finishes them off with flair.
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