PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals and Shifter

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PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals and Shifter

Before finalizing, let’s have an overview of the PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals and Shifter.

Prepare to step up your game with the PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel – the ideal accessory for the ultimate gaming experience. This racing wheel is designed for different type of use and is suitable for racing games lovers who would like to enjoy the real like fun through the wheel that has high and durable qualities and advanced technology.

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: For your optimal gaming experience, the PXN V9 is compatible with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, which means you can race across different genres of games on different devices.

270° and 900° Steering Modes: Just as with the analogue stick, switch between two steering modes to match your play preferences. The 270° mode is ideal for racing on a hypothetical track while the 900° mode is quite useful when recreating an actual racetrack.

Force Feedback: Experience the sensation of each twist and turn with the force feedback system that captures the realism of driving in real life, making the overall experience unforgettable.

Responsive Pedal Set: The included pedal set has acceleration, brake, and clutch pedals which have adjustable sensitivity for realistic control. Some of the features include; The slip-free base helps avoid any movements during vigorous playing.

Realistic Shifter: The PXN V9 has a 6 speed manual shift knob with shift down to reverse function, to give you a more real feeling while doing your stunts.

Customizable Buttons: Customize the buttons to your liking and thus to improve your game. This model features different programmable buttons in order to facilitate customization according to the racer’s needs.

Ergonomic Design: The wheel is designed with an ergonomic value to enable any gamer to be comfortable as he plays his favorite games. Another interesting feature that it has is that it has a textured grip at the bottom of it and it has a realistic diameter.

Strong Build Quality: Constructed with ultra-light strong materials, the PXN V9 has been designed to endure the rigors of cycling. It constructed in such a way that ensures it does not easily break down or wears out quickly.

Easy Setup: It is compatible with your gaming system and thus easy to plug into it, so that you can start racing effortlessly.

Real-Time Vibration Feedback: The wheel gives feedback in form of vibrations and this is real time feedback as the car bounces through different terrains and conditions.

Ideal For:

  • Motor racing lovers who in particular wanted to have a full experience of car racing.
  • Users with multiple devices and need a racing wheel for multi-platform compatibility.
  • Geeky gamers that value long-lasting and intricate game accessories.


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PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals and Shifter

449.00 AED VAT inclusive

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