Xbox One Wireless Controller – Arctic Camo Special Edition

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Xbox One Wireless Controller – Arctic Camo Special Edition

Discover the new Xbox One Wireless Controller – Arctic Camo Special Edition, created for those who are passionate about both the experience of gaming and the equipment they use. This is an innovative product that comes with one of the most captivating designs of an arctic camouflage and is designed to provide the best gaming control services.

Key Features:

Distinctive Design: The gun resembles the Arctic Camo Special Edition in that is painted a cool arctic camouflage that really looks nice and aggressive for those who enjoy winter warfare looks. With regards to the design of the MS Controller, the glossy finish of the controller may be replaced with matte finish to give it a more professional look.

Superior Comfort: In terms of design, the controller is colourful and ergonomic, and has easy grasps and special rubberised grip for easy handling during vigourous gaming. Its nearly symmetrical shape is handy to grip without any strain and cramping after several hours of use.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity: This video game allowed me to play wireless by using Bluetooth technology. This form of link also offers a low latency and thus means that the gamer can easily spend large chunks of time on the game without the link’s interruption, unlike some other types of link that keep on dropping.

Customizable Controls: For enhanced ON-Board respawn, index the controller to your gaming preferences. Change the settings in order to have the most effective gameplay and outman ‘Old mate’ successfully.

Enhanced Precision: A successful addition is the new responsive thumbsticks and D-pad allowing more accuracy and precision which is very important especially when creating difficult terrains and precise moves.

Impulse Triggers: Use multimedia buttons to execute tasks without interrupting the flow of work with Impulse Triggers that provide separate vibration feedback for each finger. It amplifies realism in a way that every explosion, crash, and jump experienced in-game feels like you are right in the game.

Integrated Audio: The 3. Built-in 5mm stereo headset jack enables users to plug preferable gaming headset right into the controller, and the user can enjoy the game audio and talk to partners without more extension cables.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: It is designed to work with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles, and Windows 10 PCs so that it delivers gaming experiences.

Extended Playtime: Operating with advantage on AA batteries or the Xbox rechargeable battery pack available in the market, the sizes guarantee long playing periods thus making player to stay and play longer.


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Xbox One Wireless Controller - Arctic Camo Special Edition

Xbox One Wireless Controller - Arctic Camo Special Edition

295.00 AED VAT inclusive

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